Available Services

DC Computers LLC  will make every effort to provide you with fast and friendly service from the largest to the smallest job. I am also able to diagnose your computer at a low cost of $40 which is applied to the repair should you deride to go through with the needed repairs. I also do laptop screen replacement on most laptops. Checking the health of your hard drive to try and avoid a computer crash and prevent any loss of your personal data is included in a computer tune-up Looking to get your computer and or laptop running faster I'm happy to offer upgrades that will speed up you computer and make your experience much more enjoyable.

 Do you have a PC or laptop that died on you there is a good chance I can get your data off the hard drive if it has not mechanically failed and back it up to an external device for you. Back up fees start at $60. Sometimes I am even able to recover data that has accidentally been deleted. Please be aware that if you do accidentally delete files stop using your computer right away because if you continue to use it the deleted data might be written over and become unrecoverable. If I am unable to recover your data there is no charge to you for my effort.